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by Chris 24. March 2012 14:32


Here are some pictures Jesse just found of a couple pieces of work he did while he was stationed in Japan. I'll post an update with more details, but I wanted to get the pictures up. 

Here is a Camp Hansen sign he did. I am no art expert (so please do correct me if I am wrong), but I am definitely impressed by the style consistency that gives it an authentic Japanese feel. I'm going to get further details about how he did it because I am rather surprised at the quality since I have seen him draw before, and I thought stick figures were his boundary. I'm sure there is a woodworking median out there, but I'll just maintain my amateur status for a little longer.

Camp Hansen Sign - By Jesse James


To be honest I do not know what this is yet. I guess that is one of the downfalls of living on opposite sides of the country, having completely different schedules, and me being impatient. I personally really like his work on it, but then again I am like a child standing in a factory in awe and am impressed by all of his work (no flattery intended). 

By Jesse James

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Blog Launched!

by Chris 10. January 2012 20:01

We have finally decided to launch a blog! I mostly just need an outlet from the tedium of working on the website, but hopefully this can give you a better look into lives of who makes up the world of Jesse James Woodworking. 

Feel free to look around and let us know what you think! Thanks!


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